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Relief Society Quiz - fun icebreaker idea for RS Birthday...

It's nice to have an activity for your sisters to work on together as they begin to gather at an event.  This is a quiz that may be fun to have on the tables as sisters sit down for the evening.

*Forgive the crazy "formatting"  - as it was taken off another RS blog/website and I couldn't adjust it...  The questions are in bold italic, and the answers are in bold (no italic).

(I have this saved as a word document as well as a PDF - please leave a comment, or send me an email and I'll send it to you so you can adjust it to what you need...)

1.  What was the first auxillary organization in the Church?
Priesthood    Relief Society
2.  What is the Relief Society Motto?
Home, Family & Personal Enrichment   Charity Never Faileth    Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
3.  Who was the longest serving General RS President?
Belle S. Spafford  Eliza R. Snow  Emma Smith
4.  The Relief Society is the oldest and largest women’s organization in the world.  What date was it officially organized?
Mar 20, 1832   Mar 17, 1840  Mar 17, 1842  Mar 20, 1842
5.  Who was the first General Relief Society President?
Emma Smith   Barbara B. Smith   Eliza R. Snow
6.  The RS was organized under the direction of which President of the Church?
Joseph Smith  Brigham Young  Wilford Woodruff
7.  Who was the General RS President in the Susquicentennial Year?
Amy Brown Lyman    Barbara B. Smith    Elaine L. Jack
8.  Who was the General RS President during the centennial celebration in 1942?
Amy Brown Lyman    Belle Spafford    Barbara B. Smith
9.  During the drought of 1879 the RS made an interest free loan to the church.  What was it they loaned interest free?
$20,000 cash    Garden seed for the next spring’s planting   30,000 bushels of wheat
10.  During World War 1 (1917-1919) the Red Cross had an approximate membership of 50,000 women in the US.  Of that number, approximately how many were also members of the RS?
35,000    42,000    47,000
11.  Who is the current General RS President?
Julie B. Beck    Amy Brown Lyman    Bonnie D. Parkin
12.  How many hymns did Eliza R. Snow write in the current hymn book?
10     12     14
13.  Select three of the hymns written by Eliza R. Snow.
How Great the Wisdom and the Love; Truth Reflects Upon Our Senses; O My Father
In Our Lovely Deseret; Hold to the Rod; Silent Night
I am a Child of God; Count Your Blessings; Choose the Right

14.  Who was the mother of Eliza R. Snow?
Emma Smith
Rosetta Leonora Pettibone (Snow)
Barbara B. Smith
15.  How long did it take to write the Relief Society Declaration?
3 hours
3 days
3 months
3 years
16.  Which General Relief Society President threatened to leave her husband because he had a bar in the house?
Belle S. Spafford
Amy Brown Lyman
Emma Smith
17.  On June 3, 1918, why did the President of the United States, Heber Hoover, write a letter of appreciation to the church?
For the copper donated from the Salt Lake copper mine for the war effort
For the contribution by the Church and Relief Society in the purchase of war bonds
For the contribution of wheat and flour for war use
18.  How many sisters were admitted as members when the Relief Society was founded?
19.  Which Relief Society President was also the president of the National Council of Women?
Rosetta Leonora Pettibone (Snow)
Belle Spafford
Elaine L. Jack
20.  What General Relief Society President was also the chairman of the Childhood and Family Committee of the National Council of Women?
Barbara B. Smith
Amy Brown Lyman
Bonnie D. Parkin
21.  When did the Visiting Teaching program begin?
22.  When was the Relief Society Building dedicated?
23.  How long after the establishment of the church did Emma Smith make a selection of hymns for the church?
3 hours
3 days
3 months
3 years
24.  Which General Relief Society president enjoyed cruising on the steamer "Maid of the Iowa" with her husband?
Emma Smith
Eliza R. Snow
Barbara B. Smith
25.  Who are the "Singing Mothers"?
Emma Smith and her two Counselors
Eliza R. Snow and her two Counselors
Combined Relief Society Choirs
26.  Which of the following is a program from which the Relief Society has never been responsible for:
Church Compassionate and Welfare Services
Educational Program
Nurse Training
Church Building and Construction
Temple and Burial Clothing Departments
27.  What was the actual official name of the Relief Society when it was first organized in 1842?
The Benevolent Society of Nauvoo
The Female Relief Society of Nauvoo
The Benevolent Relief Society Sisterhood of Nauvoo
28.  What circumstances initiated the organization of the Relief Society? A desire of the sisters to:
Unite in building work clothes for those working on the temple
Unite and bring to the attention of the brethren the mess left after Church and Priesthood meetings
Get out of the house and have a social club for activities
29.  Which General Relief Society President postponed and eventually canceled the grand centennial Relief Society Celebration titled "Woman’s Century of Light"?
Belle S. Spafford
Amy Lyman
Eliza R. Snow

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