Thursday, November 3, 2011

9th Ward Day of Service

Thanks to Lisa Zimmerman and her presidency for giving us a peek into their Ward Day of Service.

(*Note to all wards - please submit your information, photos, and details
so we can share how you answered President Eyring's call to service with the sisters of the River Stake)

On October 25th our ward and neighborhood gathered together to participate in a day of service. It was set up so that each family could rotate through 5 different stations. There was something for all ages to participate in. We cut, sanded & stained blocks, and also made drawstring bags to hold the blocks. These were then donated to the Provo Humanitarian center. We collected hygiene items, sewed fleece pillow cases, and tied fleece blankets that were donated to the Boys and Girls home (associated with the Christmas Box House). All items for each project were donated by families in our ward. This activity provided fun for families and a way for ward members to bond.