Tuesday, October 23, 2012

General Relief Society Broadcast 2012

What a great opportunity it was to gather as Relief Society sisters in the River Stake to hear messages from our newly sustained General Relief Society Presidency - as well as the First Presidency on September 29, 2012.

The new General Relief Society Presidency from left to right - Sister Carole Stephens (who lives in our own River 6th Ward), Sister Linda K. Burton, and Sister Linda S. Reeves are filled with the spirit and radiate their great love for the sisters of the church.  We loved hearing each of their inspired messages.

Following the Broadcast, we continued to bask in the warmth of the meeting as we gathered in the cultural hall for a hot chocolate bar and homemade cinnamon rolls.

Many thanks to the wonderful sisters who helped that evening.  Our chairman for the gathering after the Broadcast was Kris Stratton (left).  She had great support from Pat Wilkins (right) and JoAnn Martin.

It was a beautiful display of everything you could wish for in a cup of warm hot chocolate.  Thanks to the many sisters who brought their heavenly homemade cinnamon rolls and so many ingredients for the chocolate bar.

There is nothing more enjoyable than sharing conversation, smiles, and laughter with uplifting women.

A big thank you to our capable Priesthood brethren - Brother Mike Wilson (2nd from the right) who is our wonderful representative from the High Council to the Relief Society - as well as Dave Bennett, Ty Lombardi, and Dennis Sweat (three dedicated, supportive husbands!)   We couldn't do it without you!  Thanks also to Brother Roger Harrison for setting up the satellite feed and sound in the chapel.