Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Making Your House a Home... an example of recording a RS Meeting

The 4th Ward is fortunate to have a RS Historian - Karen Palmer.  

She is at every meeting and event that happens with her camera.  

The 4th Ward has a history that has been kept for several years.  At the RS Birthdays in years past, the books have been displayed and the sisters have enjoyed looking back and remembering how things used to be.  Besides laughing at the hairstyles, changes in fashion, and if we were heavy/thin/old/young, etc... it is a reminder of the loving service that each sister has been a part of.  

Karen sent this to me so I could show you an example of a simple (uncomplicated) way to document a RS Meeting.  

(*I would love to have all wards send me their photos & descriptions 
of RS Meetings to post here... just asking!)

"Making Your House a Home"  
Decorating tips and tricks by Kris Stratton

Fortifying Your Home by Pat Moss. 

After these sisters, the following presented 
their thoughts on how to 
"Make Your Home a Haven"..

As a young family
Hayley Neider
During the teenage years
Kay Park 
As an empty nester
JoAnn Martin


During the 
grandparent /golden years  Sharlene Crosgrove 


4th Ward RS Meeting Coordinator - Teri Ross 

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