Sunday, May 15, 2011

Belated Ward Birthday Celebrations

In the whirlwind of Ward Conferences and Women's Conference - we are late posting each individual ward RS Birthday Party.  Thank you so much for inviting us to attend.  Some evenings there were as many as FOUR wards celebrating - so we had to "divide & conquer".  We absolutely LOVED being to each one of them!

We've only received photos from two of the 12 wards in the stake - and hope you will still share them with us if you haven't had the opportunity to do so yet (that's a BIG HINT!)  Please send us information about your ward celebration if you don't find it here...

(Please send your photos & a description to

1st Ward:
This ward RS Presidency had just barely been sustained and they put together a fabulous night.  After a wonderful dinner, they had several sisters assume the role of the former General RS Presidents.  It's obvious these amazing sisters love each other and enjoy being together.

2nd Ward:  
The 2nd ward has a HUGE Relief Society - I think they have 198 sisters and there are other wards in our Stake who only have around 100. They had a great turnout.  Lots of older sisters. Just grand ladies. They had us sit at our "birthday month" table and they had different sisters decorate the tables. Our October table was set with beautiful blue china that had belonged to a sister's GRANDMOTHER so it was special. There were cakes and cupcakes as centerpieces on each table and they were to die for.  They had a slide show of all of the sisters during the year and it was fun watching everyone react to their own picture - and enjoy seeing their year in photos. The guest speaker was an expert on all things Emma Smith. He was very good. 

3rd Ward:
The ladies of the 3rd ward are friendly, inviting, and loving.  They have so much talent.  The food was delicious and the program awesome!!  They decorated with old pictures and pioneer decorations.  A delicious chicken, spinach salad, and great rice - followed by wedding cake.  The program included speakers, singers, and videos.  It was based on Jenny Phillips "Remember the Journey".   Jenny Curtis was the sister in charge and she did a phenomenal job.  Sis Curtis invited us back to come to another event on April 3rd called 100 dresses.  This is a book about a girl who always wore the same dress.  They will have models and have ladies donating old dresses.  It sounds so fun.

4th Ward:
They all had a great time with a good turnout and pizza for one and all. They had a getting to know you night where they had plastic buckets on the tables where you had to write a "bucket list" and then everyone changed tables and played another game with another group of ladies.  It was buzzing with energy. They played another game where you had to tell things about yourself to the sisters at the table while you wound up a length of string and you couldn't stop talking until you ran out of string!

6th Ward:
We received this fun "Princess" invitation to attend their night of "Princess Crowning".  Hopefully there were photos taken of "King Irving" - who personally crowned each Relief Society sister.  Several sisters shared their thoughts on Relief Society.  Julie George & her RS Meeting Coordinator/Committee put together a wonderful night.

9th Ward:
This ward had an awesome turnout - and celebrated in style.  They followed the "Purse-onality" theme that some of the wards used last year.  Delicious food, amazing decorations, and wonderful speakers who shared their testimony of Relief Society.  Charity Hawkins (2nd Counselor) & Allison Peterson (Meeting Coordinator) made it a memorable night.

10th Ward:
The 10th ward had a great celebration.  (Jennie attended this ward's celebration)  They had a good turnout, even though some of the women were at an HOA meeting for the subdivision.  There were tables decorated with items from different countries.  They served lasagna, salad and breadsticks.  They had a woman show different cake decorating techniques and then they served the cake.  We also played a game where we had to guess interesting RS facts.  One of the questions was "Who is our current Stake RS Pres?  Maria and I shot up from our chairs so fast and blurted  out -- BARBARA SWEAT!!!!!  Everyone got a chuckle out of that!  It was a great night and Evelyn was her wonderful, friendly, gracious self!

River Crest Ward:
These dear sisters are so fortunate to have such a loving Relief Society Presidency!  There were about 6 sisters who felt well enough to join in around the big table in the common area of the River Crest Care Center.  Leoma shared a beautiful story, and then each sister was given a page to keep in their RS books.    You can feel a special spirit here among these women who have spent most of their lives serving the Savior in past church callings, raising fine families, and caring for those around them.  They love having visitors - so check with the River Crest RS Presidency about offering to share your talents with them. 

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