Friday, January 22, 2010

"Conversation Cafe" - fun idea from the 3rd Ward...

At the beginning of a new year - we are all looking for ideas to bring the sisters together to enjoy each other's company after the hectic holidays.   This was passed on to us by Jeanne Maw - 3rd Ward RS President.  
Thanks Jeanne!

We had a really great RS Meeting on the 13th.  As you know, we did a Conversation Cafe.  As you came in, you were seated at a table for four.  Each table was numbered.  Each place setting had a menu of things to talk about and a list of the dinner courses for the evening.

The first was the "Whine List" and we talked about things that are our pet peeves. Sparkling cranberry juice was served along with chips and salsa.   Each table also had a vase of brightly colored flowers in the middle and each flower had a number.   After about 10 or 15 minutes each person selected a flower which had on it a number and then moved to the table with that number - they didn't keep the flower, just checked the number on it)

The second course was soup and we talked about things that others did for us that touched our hearts and made us feel the warmth of the spirit.

The next course was the main course, chicken, beef or cheese enchiladas.  And the last course was dessert which was cookies.

I can't remember the topic of conversation for the last two courses!  I guess it can be whatever you want it to be!

Anyway, we moved from table to table for each course so we were able to mingle with a lot of different people.  We had two non-member neighbors in attendance, who also helped with the food!!

At the end, our cute leader talked about our connection with each other and left us with a cute quote,: "Let us remember thqt our earthly activities have a spiritual base and a celestial  conclusion."

We had a lot of really good comments and felt like it was very successful!  Hope others will enjoy it too!

Jeanne Maw

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