Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sewing Night with Young Women...

I thought this idea had great possibilities...  One of our responsibilities in the Relief Society is to provide opportunities for the Young Women to feel comfortable being with us in a Relief Society meeting setting.   In many wards, the Young Women are invited in monthly for opening exercises.

Mother/Daughter nights aren't uncommon, but it can be awkward with the young women whose mothers aren't available, or not very willing to come with their daughters.

If you have "transition" in your radar as a ward RS presidency, you might consider combining a Young Women activity with a Relief Society meeting one evening.  It may require you to change your night to THEIR night - but good things can result.

Young women would be encircled into Relief Society for just one evening - participating in an activity that all women (not just their mothers) are there to enjoy with them.

Aprons - especially "retro" aprons - are everywhere right now.  There are many free patterns available online, and you may have sisters in your ward who have patterns they would be willing to share.

What about the fabric you ask?  Think of how many of us have fabric stashed away from years ago - probably a lot of it would fit into the "retro" category!  Instead of donating it to charity, it would save on the cost of a project for yourself or one of these young women.

Here is a link that has just a few of the free online patterns out there.

free online pattern link

Click on the links at the bottom of their site for even more ideas.  Aprons can be made from a myriad of inexpensive items - dish towels, dinner napkins, old tablecloths, pillowcases - you won't believe the possibilities.

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