Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Linking Presidency Lessons & RS Monthly Meetings - idea from the 7th Ward...

We had a wonderful ward conference with the 7th Ward a few weeks ago, and were delighted to visit with their presidency about a new idea they are implementing this year.  Their President (Jolynne Ward) reminded us of the statement by Sister Beck that is so timely...

"If meetings are not strengthening the faith of the sisters - why are they being held?"

Their ward purpose this coming year is "To Strengthen Faith & Families"

Every presidency lesson focuses on one way they can accomplish this.

Their monthly RS meetings (mid-week) support what was taught on that first Sunday Presidency lesson.

They agreed to share their year's outline with us...

2010 Relief Society 7th Presidency Messages and Activities
(Fast Sundays)
7th ward Purpose: To strengthen faith and families.

  1. Strengthen Marriage, Families and homes (importance of FHE, personal and family prayers, praying with our spouse) Taught by presidency member or sister.
Activity – Reading the book “The Peacegiver” Story of the Atonement healing a marriage. Meeting at the end of the month to discuss book and refreshments.

  1. Increase in Faith and Personal righteousness (personal revelation)
      Taught by presidency member or sister.
Activity – Temple Day and Luncheon.

  1. Serve the Lord and his children  (charitable service/welfare).
         Taught by presidency member or sister.
Activity- RS Birthday dinner night combined with Humanitarian Project.

  1. Increase in sisterhood and unity (connecting through visiting teaching and serving together) Taught by presidency member or sister.
Activity – Visiting Teaching Night - interviews, message & refreshments

  1. Sharing the Gospel. Taught by Missionary Moms or Women who have served missions (sharing a personal spiritual experience and testimonies from the missionaries serving in our ward)
Activity - Missionary Mom Luncheon

  1. Provident Living and Spiritual and Temporal self-reliance (Emergency Preparedness, Food Storage) Taught by Jennifer Robinson (January visiting teaching message in Ensign)
Activity – Ward Family night, centered around ideas that are fun and in-expensive. (Games, Pizza)

  1. Temple and Family history  Taught by presidency member or sister.
Activity – Temple day and luncheon or desserts.

  1. Magnifying our callings (in the church and as wives and mothers)
Taught by presidency member or sister.
Activity – Picnic at the Park (Bring your own picnic Mom’s and kids)

  1. Strengthening the Priesthood (support and understanding our roll)
Taught by presidency member or sister.
Activity – An evening with husbands… games, hot chocolate bar, sweet rolls.

  1. Increasing our understanding of the Atonement Taught by presidency member or sister.
Activity – Testament Movie and popcorn.  Moms with Young Women/ to be held in a sister’s basement.

  1. Increasing our knowledge (Personal scripture study, negative media and television shows) Taught by presidency member or sister.
Activity – book club month read a good uplifting book at the beginning of month meet to discuss the book at the end of month, book to be decided.

  1. Christmas Program  (Testimonies how basics have strengthened families and brought them closer to Christ.)
Activity – RS dinner and program

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