Saturday, February 6, 2010

4th Ward Service Auction

The 4th Ward had a fun Relief Society meeting the night of February 3rd.  Debbie Maynard had spoken to one of the other wards about theirs - which has become a tradition they look forward to.  She was glad they shared their ideas, and was happy with how it turned out.

The first thing everyone was expected to do was to fill out a card with information on the service they were willing to provide.  The cards were placed in a large clear jar.

After opening the meeting with prayer, Claire Chance (RS Meeting Coordinator) conducted a quiz that determined the number of points everyone could use to bid in the auction a little later.  The questions were really creative and fun - everyone was able to chalk up a bunch of points.  Here are a few sample questions they used (they were all in good fun...)

Did you marry off your youngest child this year?  (If so - give yourself 25 points)
Have you had chocolate in any form today?  (If so - give yourself 5 points)

The auction was then begun.  Using the points tallied up on each person's quiz, they were able to bid on each item as it was described.  A recorder wrote everyone's service and who purchased it.  The cards were then distributed to both the one who donated the service, as well as the person who won.

There were some fantastic services given.  Here are just a few...

One loaf of fresh, homebaked wheat bread delivered each week for ten weeks.
A weekend at a family's beautiful cabin for the purchaser's immediate family.
A lunch date.
Gift baskets (to keep or give away) for Valentine's, birthdays, anniversary, etc...
Sewing instruction for young children.
Tutoring in grades 1-6.
Cinnamon rolls.
Handmade accessories for clothing.

A yummy Hot Chocolate Bar was set up and the sisters were able to bring a cup of hot chocolate back to their tables to enjoy as the bidding went on.  (This is a photo found on the web - it was similar to the one that evening)

Debbie mentioned at the conclusion of the evening that it almost requires a "trial run" the first year so the sisters become familiar with it, and begin to look forward to it the next year.  It also gives them time to think of a service they can offer the next year.

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