Friday, March 12, 2010

Ten Virgins, Ten Stories - 10th Ward RS Birthday

The 10th ward presented a wonderful musical parable (written by Emily Freeman) on Tuesday, March 9th in the Stake Center.  Evelyn Stallings & her presidency & board - what a spiritual night.

Patti Davies was the director, with many others in the ward assisting.  When we walked into the chapel that night, the spirit was reverent and quiet - a perfect setting for such a spiritual feast.  Costumes, stage setup, lighting, etc... were just amazing.  The entire ward appeared to be involved - from the High Priests in charge of the Nursery to all those who decorated - it was so well done!

The cast included Sandy Clifford (narrator), Marialice Nielson (Eliana), Angella Hutchings (Ashira), Val Schilling (Dina), Nedra Sproul (Nava), Karen Lonsdale (Gabriella), Patti Davies (Adi), Emma Hutchings (Liraz), Amanda Richmond (Malka), Kris Quinn (Leora), and Pattie Briggs (Jessa).

Following the presentation in the chapel was a wedding feast in the cultural hall.

(For more information - the BYU Bookstore carries the CD, script, etc...  Here is a brief description:)

Based on Emily Freeman's bestselling book of the same title, this stirring album is a musical journey through the ever-relevant parable of the ten virgins. Featuring various artists, including Hilary Weeks, Jenny Phillips, and Cherie Call, The Ten Virgins presents songs and narration inspired by the individual stories of each virgin. Listeners will relate to the characters and their lives and will find encouragement to fill their own lamps daily. With a script, performance tracks, and sheet music available, The Ten Virgins can easily be presented at group activities and programs.

Includes the following tracks:

The Shopkeeper on the Hill by April Meservy
What I Need (Eliana's Song) by Emily Castleton
Nothing Matters More (Ashira's Song) by Jenny Phillips
Until (Dina's Song) by Hilary Weeks
Easy to Forget (Nava's Song) by Krista Q. Maurer
More (Gabriella's & Adi's Song) by Kathryn Tuttle & Kerilyn Johnson
Time Goes By (Liraz's Song) by Cherie Call
Magnificent Work of Art (Malka's Song) by Tamara McFadden
Lantern Light (Leora's Song) by Mindy Gledhill
Only One (Jessa's Song) by Jessie Clark Funk
The Coming of the Bridegroom by April Meservy
When He Comes for Me by The Ten Virgins Ensemble

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