Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Purses" - two wards using the same theme in different ways...

We've been honored as a Stake RS Presidency to be able to attend some of the birthday celebrations throughout the River Stake.  We would love to spotlight each ward, and invite you to send us an email giving us details to share with everyone who takes the time to check this site...

Two of our wards (the 3rd & the 4th) used the "Purse" theme that is so versatile.

The 4th Ward put the "Purse-onal" spin on the theme.

Each table was decorated with a large centerpiece made from cardboard die-cut purses stuffed with tissue, confetti, etc...  Each place setting included a tiny die-cut purse with a treat inside.  (Look closely at the background of the photos below for the decorations...)

A dinner of chicken croissants & salad was served - with birthday cake (of course!)

For the program after dinner, sisters spoke on different types of purses.  A diaper bag, backpack, prom purse, and temple bag.

They related their purse to times in their lives when values were developed  relating to Relief Society and how it helped influence them at that particular age.

Before the evening ended, sisters cleaned out their purses to compete in some purse-related games.

The 3rd Ward's theme was "Purse-suit of Happiness"  I asked Jeanne Maw, their president, to describe what went on at their Birthday Party.  She will be getting me photos and additional information that I will add in the next few days.  They had a delicious meal, and had over seventy sisters attend - a record!  (Check the next post for Bishop Porter's inspired direction in the planning of their midweek RS meetings)

"There were, as you know, purses on each table beautifully decorated.  

The three sisters who spoke were Valerie Broadbent, who talked of the things in her purse that remind her of how she should act.  She also talked about her three small children and her diaper bag and how that is her purse-suit of happiness right now.  

Next was Maggie Wilde, who is not a member of the Church.  She is a dear friend and neighbor who has been suffering with cancer for the past few years.  She is cancer-free at the moment, though!  She talked about the things in her purse that make her happy, such as photos of her twin grandbabies and her children.  

Last was Robyn Smith who talked about the happiness she finds as she fulfills her service mission in the county jail teaching the female inmates gospel principles.  

I felt like the messages were beautifully planned to reach every sister and from the comments I've heard since I think everyone had a fabulous time!"

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