Thursday, July 14, 2011

10th Ward Day of Service

Thanks to the 10th Ward for being the first to graciously send us a description of their Day of Service.  We are excited to see how each ward creatively (and lovingly) responds to the request from President Eyring in this past April General Conference.  

President Eyring's address

When you have completed your ward Day of Service, please have someone from your RS Presidency write a description and send it to us (to this email:  If you have pictures, we would be excited to include those as well.

10th Ward:
Our Day of Service was June 14th, our R.S. night activity. The sisters of the 10th ward met at 7:00 pm and we divided into groups and did the things that we don't get around to doing, in cleaning the Church. Some cleaned and disinfected the nursery toys...some donated toys, Kleenex, and hand sanitizer. Other sisters vacuumed the baseboards in all the halls and classrooms, while others wiped all the chair rails and window seals. The bishops and clerks office and library got dusted and vacuumed. (Those rooms are usually locked up tight). Some of the gals cleaned windows, wiped down the mother's room, vacuumed the cushions in the foyers, dusted the pictures, and some tended the kids in the gym so the rest could work. A few sisters repaired torn pages in the Hymn books and straightened the chapel.

You might say "No one wants a picture taken of themselves deep cleaning the bathrooms"...but we never thought of taking pictures to record the event. The picture of serving, by cleaning the Lords house, shines brightly in our minds.

 It felt, smelled, and looked good. The sisters were working together, building friendships and memories. At the end of the night we enjoyed some veggies and cookies and discussed the success of the evening. 

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