Sunday, September 11, 2011

2nd Ward Day of Service

Just recently, the "Current Needs" link on the Provident Living website (Humanitarian Center) link - had this message.  Quite a surprise with all the recent disasters throughout the world.  But notice, the line that says to... "consider other ways to serve, including supporting agencies in your community that serve the poor and needy".

Below you'll find a great example (thanks to the 2nd Ward for sharing!) of doing just that.  They reached out to the community to identify a way to serve here in our own South Jordan City.

They also sent pictures so we could see the happy, joyful spirit that was there as they participated.  It looks like they had a fabulous time visiting and renewing friendships as they served.

Here is a description of what went on:

We called it, "Sisters To the Rescue" and completed nearly 40 fleece blankets and 8 baby quilts with more in progress.  They will be distributed to Project Linus and to the South Jordan Fire Department.  Recently one of Shauna's (Shauna Nielsen - the 2nd Ward RS President) little granddaughters received one of these blankets when she experienced a medical emergency - so we know firsthand how much these blankets mean to the children who receive them during frightening situations in their young lives.

Some of our sisters cut the fleece blankets ahead of time, some were able to help that night -and still others are working on binding the completed quilts.  We really tried to involve some of the less active sisters and others that we just don't see as often in this project.

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  1. The Relief Society in action! Thank you dear 2nd Ward sisters, for sharing your wonderful service activity with us!
    Barbara Sweat