Friday, October 21, 2011

7th Ward Day of Service

Thanks to Jolynne Ward & her presidency (7th Ward)
for sharing their Day of Service with us! 

(*Note to all wards - please submit your information, photos, and details
so we can share how you answered President Eyring's call to service with the sisters of the River Stake)

"Move that Bus" had a whole new meaning 
for members of the 7th ward last weekend. 

They describe the joy that comes from serving 
in their own words below:

"Our day of Relief Society Service was combined with the entire ward 
for an Extreme Home Makeover day. 

Our Relief Society sisters were in charge of painting the inside 
of Max (and his daughter Maxine) Whitten's home. 

This home was in much need of repairs. 

Our ward moved everything out of their home, ripped out the carpet, 
repainted the entire inside, re-carpeted and provided 
new furniture and bathroom fixtures for their home. 

It was a joy to see the looks on their faces when they returned to their home. 

Max and Maxine Whitten live in a little white house 
on 1300 West - between Chapel Ridge and Country Ridge Drive. 

They are thrilled with their new home. 

Max is 94 and this makeover really lifted his spirits - not to mention ours as well!"

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