Wednesday, October 12, 2011

General Relief Society Meeting Broadcast (& Dessert Buffet) - 2011

Saturday, September 24th, was the annual General Relief Society Meeting Broadcast.
The sisters of the River Stake met in the chapel for the broadcast.
If that were the only thing that took place that evening, we would have been well fed.

However, (being women) - we took the opportunity to visit with one another
and enjoyed the fruits of many sisters' labors with a fabulous dessert buffet. 

The cultural hall was set up with semi-circles of chairs.
They encircled a wonderful display of homemade desserts & fresh fruit -
all provided by the sisters of the stake sharing their culinary talent.

(If any sisters who brought desserts to share that evening are willing 
to provide recipe(s) - please send them to us, and we will post them for all to enjoy.  
Send them to Anne's email in the sidebar above)

It's part of women's nature to pay attention to special needs.
Several sisters signed up to bring gluten-free & sugar-free desserts,
so that everyone could enjoy something sweet.

Aside from the sweet selection of food - the opportunity to laugh 
and enjoy each other's company lifted our spirits and strengthened friendships.

Representatives from each ward (joyfully) served on this committee.  
We love you! 

As you can see, serving on the committee had it's benefits!
Taste testing was not a hardship...
Our wonderful chairman for the Dessert Buffet was Lori Lisonbee.
Under her direction, everything was orchestrated perfectly.
A big thank-you to Lori & the committee members from each ward:

1st Ward - Michelle Fonda
2nd Ward - Renae Tucker
3rd Ward - Jayne Porter
4th Ward - Lindsey Jeffries
5th Ward - lori Lisonbee
6th Ward - Abby Acton
7th Ward - Rachel Morris
8th Ward - Kathryn Bodily
9th Ward - Kelsie Croall
10th Ward  Kellie Hales

special thank you to Brother Swapp (our RS High Council Representative) & the High Council
for rolling up their sleeves, washing dishes, etc... and being such a great support to us that evening!

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