Monday, March 11, 2013

9th Ward RS Birthday Social - "Holy Cow"

The 9th Ward sends us these photos of their RS Birthday Social.  
Based on the Johnny Lingo movie, they had a wonderful evening.

Aloha!!  The sisters of the 9th ward were greeted with a resounding hello Hawaiian style and given a Leigh as they met together to celebrate the birthday for Relief Society.  The beautifully decorated gym felt cozy and warm.  Dinner was Hawaiian Haystacks, rolls, and delicious frozen pineapple slush.  

The old school Jonny Lingo was shown and two talks following the "Cow" theme were given.

  The first talk was given by Maria Lombardi titled “Holy Cow!”  Experiences were shared that one may not be expecting and had people exclaiming “holy cow!”  With these moments came the realization that the Lord is with us through all of these moments and knows what we each experience  individually.  

Sara Gwilliam then taught us how to avoid being a “Mad Cow”.  She gave great tips on how to deal with stress and give ourselves a break.  We all walked away feeling like eight cow women. 

Maria Lombardi - speaking of "Holy Cow" moments.

Sara Gwilliam - speaking of dealing with "Mad Cow" situations.

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