Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Do You Have Talent?" - 6th Ward RS Birthday

The 6th Ward had such a fun theme for their birthday celebration this year.  Tonya Steel (working with Heather Wilson and their RS Meeting Committee) came up with a great way to focus on talents of the special sisters in their ward.  Each table was decorated to represent a talent their sisters share with others. As you can see, there were many spotlighted - and in President Louise Evenson's talk, she pointed out many others that are not as visual (but equally as important and valued)

Knitting, Crocheting, Handwork



Sewing & Dressmaking


Mothering & Childcare


Genealogy & Family History

After a "Make Your Own Cafe Rio Salad" dinner - everyone was invited to write down their name, phone number, and a talent they could share with someone on a card.  The cards were shuffled and redistributed.  Then everyone had 60 seconds to trade - but only if the one they received was not applicable in their own situation (such as childcare received by someone who has no children at home, etc...)  So many fun ideas!

Bishop Irving escorts a sweet 6th Ward sister.

Enjoying the fruits of "Cake Wars"

They also had a "Cake Wars" competition.  So MANY fun cakes... and awards received by everyone who participated.  They were sliced and served while Louise shared her talk.  What a wonderful way to celebrate sisterhood in the 6th Ward Relief Society.

The participants in the "Cake Wars" talent show

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