Tuesday, April 9, 2013

3rd Ward RS Birthday - Celebrating "Daughters In My Kingdom"

The 3rd Ward celebrated the Relief Society's Birthday by commemorating the events that led up to the gift of the First Presidency - "Daughters In My Kingdom"

Many sisters came to enjoy the evening - in spite of the cold temperatures and the high winds.

Kristy Belnap - (second from left) is the 3rd Ward RS Meeting Coordinator
in charge of this wonderful evening.

A buffet of (Cafe Rio-style) sweet pork salad & soft tacos was served.

The tables were decorated in beautiful blues - similar to the cover of Daughters In My Kingdom.  Did you know that blue was the only color that did not have any negative connotations in the 100+ countries that the book would be distributed to?

The 3rd Ward's own Barbara Bradshaw spoke about her experiences on the Relief Society General Board working with Sister Julie B. Beck & her presidency as this inspired book was produced.

Sister Bradshaw said that during the five years of Sister Beck's presidency - Sister Beck did not enjoy sleeping through the entire night even once.  She often woke up in the middle of the night with inspiration that she recorded on a legal pad kept at her bedside.

Sister Beck described the completion of the book as "A miracle, and a bounteous and divine spread".  One of it's (many) purposes was to define the purposes of Relief Society - which are:  Faith, Family, and Relief.  It was also written to be instrumental in dispelling common false myths that are often found in circulation in society about the Relief Society and the roles of women.

Sister Bradshaw described how the Relief Society was originally going to be called the "Benevolent Society" - at the request of John Taylor.  The sisters did not feel right about this title, as portions of it had been used in other societies that did not reflect the purposes of the Latter Day Saint Female Relief Society.  The sisters prevailed!

 A perfect ending to the evening was a special song titled "Daughters In My Kingdom" - written by Janice Kapp Perry.

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