Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Come... Enjoy a Treat With Us!

We hope the sisters of the stake did not feel the least bit shortchanged without the dinner we have always held in years past...

We simplified in order to be able to have time & funds to offer service as a stake.

However, there was a little something for everyone's sweet (or savory) tooth after the Chapel Meeting.

Semi-circles of chairs were set up so we could "sit together"...

Pam McCarty - our food chairman - worked with representatives
from each ward to come up with 8 different "treat-in-a-cup"offerings.
Each ward arrived with a work of art ready-to-serve!  
Thank you to the food committee: 
Holly Johnson, Aleene Alder, Vicky Cushing, Sally Bennett, Val Doria, Kelli Noorda, 
Holly Holmes, Mandy Oras, Christine Farnsworth, Betty Morrison 

The committee addressed almost every possible need (gluten & dairy intolerance, 
sugar-free, nut allergies, etc...)  There was something for everyone.  
For the recipes, keep scrolling - or click HERE.

The cups were easy to hold - and there was ample time to visit, sit down and chat, or take a treat home on the run!  

Again - as always - we could not do it without our wonderful Priesthood brethren.  Thanks to Mike Wilson - our High Council representative to the Relief Society, and all the wonderful members of the High Council and Stake Presidency who set the food out, helped with parking, and assisted us in so many ways!  We love you!

We love you sisters, and hope you went home with a spring in your step!

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