Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Come... Sing With Us

It was a wonderful experiment trying an "Instant Choir" for this year's Women's Conference!  ONE practice (one hour before the chapel meeting) was all that was needed for this talented group of sisters to sound just like the Tabernacle Choir!  Thanks to Myrl Breinholt - Stake Music Chairman - the music added the perfect spiritual touch to an inspirational chapel meeting.

A big "Thank You!" to all you dear sisters for sharing your time and talents that night!

Anthony Sweat (Barbara's son) presented his message on Faith, Hope, and Charity (what he calls "the Gospel Triplets")  *Highlights from his talk are found HERE.

Our beloved President Sohm spoke (as he always does) straight from his heart to the sisters.  His thoughts on the tender feelings of the sisters of the church touched us all.  When we asked him for notes from his talk, this was his response:

"I didn't really write out a talk, and only had some notes I was using for reference.  
I'm sorry, but hopefully the spirit felt will be more helpful than the written words.  
Please pass on my apology to those who asked."

During our day of service - there was a quilt tied for our wonderful President Sohm.  One small way to show our love for him and all he does to serve us.

Left to Right:
Jennie Bennett, Barbara Sweat,
our dear President Sohm & Becky,
Maria Lombardi, Anne Petersen

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