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Come... Serve With Us

Thanks to the sisters of the Advertising Committee:
Chairman:  Marilynn Beesley - 9th Ward
 LynAnn Arnell, Nikki Peisley, Pamela Peterson, Annette Findlay, Natalie West, 
Emilee Wright, Missy Collins, Tammy Tenney, Nedra Sproul 
(a special thank-you to Tracey Smith of the 6th ward for creating the beautiful poster, graphics, & program)

River Stake Women's Conference 2013
"Come... Sit With Us!"

Our Women's Conference theme this year helps us focus on 
the qualities of Charity and what it means when we say the 
"pure love of Christ." We learn charity, provide charity and 
receive charity as we"sit together" as sisters in Zion.

This past year, the Ward Relief Societies of the South Jordan River Stake have become aware of so many who could use help.  In the midst of so much need, the Stake RS Presidency made the decision to channel the funds for a delicious dinner (in past Women's Conferences) to service projects instead.

Over 200 sisters joined in during the day of our Women's Conference to complete over 700 projects.  That evening, we still had over 300 attend the chapel meeting.  Here is a glimpse of the happy hours spent from 9AM to 1PM.  We have amazing sisters - so willing to donate, work, and complete assignments so these local needs could be met.

The sister who chaired the committee for service was Laurie Reeve of the 5th Ward.  Many, many hours were spent meeting as a group, identifying needs, contacting organizations, dividing up responsibilities, organizing donations, and setting up the flow of the event.  Laurie has such a testimony of service, and it radiated to all who participated that day.

Laurie Reeve - Service Committee Chair
Her dedicated committee included:

Kathy Timothy, Susan Bangerter, Jolene Newman, Cherie Whitaker, Holly White, Andrea Peterson, Dee Bianucci, 
Heidi Martell, Connie Fenley, Sheila Mann, Kristy Anderson, Anne Murton, Marcia Todd

Donations Boxes like these were in each ward Relief Society.
They were turned in overflowing with generous donations.

The committee set up the cultural hall so everyone would have plenty of room to work.

Cheerful thoughts & magazine pictures were paired to add to the
River Crest Branch Welcome Kits...
(This one was choice!)
These kits are given to help elderly sisters feel at home
on the day they arrive in their new residence.

(Above & below) are the beautiful journals made for the
"Hearts Knit Together" project for battered women.

There is not a happier sound on earth than that of women visiting as they work together for good.  All ages & all stages in life joined us to serve.  Single sisters, mothers with children, mothers & daughters, grandmothers... so many gave of themselves!  Their faces say it all - happiness comes from service.

At the end of the service project - this is what was accomplished:
Welcome Kits - for the River Crest Branch Sisters - 30
Beaded Bracelets - 28
Beaded Necklaces - 19
Stretchy Headbands - 64
Girls Hairclips - 64
Baby Jingle Boxes - 31
Scrapbook Journals - 120
Fleece Lapquilts - 66 completed, 54 partially completed
Children's Book Bags - 43
Matching Scarf/Hat Sets - 52
Stuffed Felt Hearts - 150
Donations (uncounted) of products, supplies, cash, etc...

Total Projects:  721

Laurie Reeve received this letter of thanks from one of the many organizations that benefited from the day of service:

To the Wonderful Relief Society Sisters of the South Jordan Utah River Stake:

What an amazing response your stake had for your day of service!!!!!!!

It was Like Christmas all day yesterday as your individual wards delivered your beaded necklaces and bracelets, the darling headbands and hairclips, the cute jingle boxes, the journals that were done so exquisitely, the array of hearts in so many colors and the beautiful blankets! We had so much delight in organizing and putting away all your hard work!  I felt so blessed to give some of you a tour of our project room. 

I was also praying for the beautiful hats and scarves, towels, the women's hygiene products and cash that we needed so much to get the 105 women's kits done by the end of the month!  Just like the honey bees that Brother Ballard talked about in October conference, you were an answer to prayers and your combined efforts made a huge impact!!!

There is so much violence in the world that brings so much pain and heartache in the lives of so many.  We are so grateful that with the combined efforts of so many, we are able to provide some encouragement with these welcome kits that contain a message of hope and love to those who are going through so much trauma in their lives.  Thank you so much from all of us at Hearts Knit Together.  May the Lord bless you with his Spirit in abundance for your efforts.


Linda Simmons, Project Coordinator
Hearts Knit Together
An Inner City Project

At 1:00 PM the Cultural Hall began an amazing transformation.  Projects and donations were quickly moved into the Primary Room so the evening meeting could take place.  Many hands made light work!

Barbara's kindred-spirit friend - Debbie Solberg - (from her prior ward)
who spent the day unselfishly working alongside us, cleaning up, organizing,
taking most of these wonderful photographs, and being a true friend!
Thank you!

The day was just getting started!  That evening we gathered for the chapel meeting.  (Click on "Older Posts" at the bottom of this page to view the meeting, Instant Choir, beautiful decorations, and delicious refreshments)

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