Friday, July 10, 2009

7th Ward Relief Society Meeting Ideas

Julie George (counselor in the 7th Ward) sent these ideas in:

from now till December:

We just had a Sisterhood and Salad in Heidi Martell's backyard.

We have a group called "Tapestry" coming in December for our Christmas Meeting.

We will have a craft meeting in the fall - our traditional Witches Night Out.

We have mid-month ideas of:

Playing baseball with the young women. (Great idea for YW Transition, don't you think?)

Hiking Ensign's Peak this fall after studying a different virtue each month for our presidency message.

Then we will post our flag with all of the virtues.

Thanks Julie! I'm sure she would be glad to "elaborate" on any of these if you have questions. (leave it in a comment and I'll forward it on to her...)

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