Friday, May 25, 2012

Served By the Lord's Army

At President Sohm's suggestion, the High Council and the Bishoprics of each ward in the stake served us dinner at this year's Women's Conference - a first for us.  Instead of standing in (very long) buffet lines - as we have in previous years - we enjoyed sitting together and visiting as we were served by our worthy Priesthood leaders.

Dressed in white shirts & red ties, they were so amazing and efficient - serving all 500 of us in less than 15 minutes.  It was touching to be served (very literally) by those who are so involved in the spiritual welfare of ourselves and our families.

That was such an example of service to us, but even better was having them take part in singing with us the medley - "As Sisters In Zion" and "The Army of Helaman".  It brought tears to our eyes.  Thank you so much!

And an even sweeter finish was yet to come...  These dear brethren were the model of efficiency - moving us into the chapel quickly so they could begin clearing the cultural hall, and then take care of the kitchen (in complete silence)  We enjoyed the entire chapel meeting - then walked into a sparkling clean kitchen to find everything clean, organized, and in it's place.

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