Friday, May 25, 2012

Women's Conference - May 10, 2012

Sister Cindy Hilton served as our Advertising Chairman this year.
The posters and invitations were beautiful, and her committee made
certain each sister was well informed & personally invited.

Our Women's Conference this year focused on realizing that the secret to our happiness and joy lies in learning to love the Book of Mormon, and applying the eternal principles there.  Over 500 sisters joined us this year - a record!

Our speakers were our own Sister Barbara Sweat, our dear President Sohm, and Sister Sheri Winkelkotter.  Their messages centered around "being enough" and basking in gratitude for all the blessings the restored gospel provides.  Many personal stories of life experiences in good times (and not so good times) were shared, along with their testimonies of the things that matter most.  Sometimes it's when we feel like we're "dwelling in a tent" that we have some of our most significant spiritual experiences.

Barbara Sweat & Sheri Winkelkotter
We are excited to have copies of both Barbara's & Sheri's talks at the very end of the next four posts for Women's Conference...  (keep scrolling - clicking on "older posts" if necessary)  Enjoy!

Thanks to these beautiful young women who shared their talents
as part of the violin ensemble.

In case you were not able to attend, here is a copy of the program for Women's Conference 2012:


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