Friday, May 25, 2012

Service is Sweet.

After months of planning, praying, and preparing - it has been a sweet experience to come to personally know so many of you after working side-by-side with you.  Thank you for your willingness to accept opportunities to serve the sisters of our stake in so many ways - both seen, and unseen!

We love each of you so much, and hope you felt this year's Women's Conference added to your reservoir of spiritual strength.  Each year builds upon past years, and we look forward to next year's conference.  We welcome your comments, suggestions, and ideas - please share them with us.

Barbara's trusty truck (aka - "The Beast") helped us combine
the kitchen resources from each of the buildings in the stake. 

Dennis Sweat (Barbara's husband & our dedicated parking expert)
represents each of our husbands & families
who continue to support us as we serve in our callings.
Thank you!

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