Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Entertainment - vs - Salvation

“It is time to get out of the entertainment business
 and into the business of salvation.”—Julie B. Beck

"Entertainment in our meetings encourages us to be religious consumers rather than participants. It doesn’t ask anything of me, it doesn’t strengthen me. I don’t go home better equipped to manage the barrage from Satan that my family is having to fend off.
If we’re going to ask our sisters to come to a mid-week church meeting, we need to offer sisters a chance to grow, to stretch, to serve, to gain skills pertinent to her salvation. We need to find ways to bring sisters closer to their testimonies, closer to the blessings of the Lord, closer to their covenants. And we need to do it every chance we get".
This is one sister's thoughts on focusing on entertainment instead of salvation.   What are your thoughts?  How are you working on accomplishing this in your ward RS meetings?

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