Friday, April 9, 2010

Women of Faith - getting to know our Stake Presidency's Wives...

The entire stake knew about our Women's Conference on April 8th because of these beautiful posters and flyers. With a representative from each ward - everyone was well informed of this special Relief Society Meeting.

Kim Reynolds (of the River Park Ward) created and designed the posters and fliers, and Brother Keith Ward handled the printing of the posters (thank you Keith!). Each member of the advertising committee made sure an invitation was hand-delivered...

We felt blessed to hear from the wives of our Stake Presidency.

Sisters Becky Sohm, Stella Wahlquist, and Shelly Swenson were introduced by their husbands - and we had a sweet glimpse into their lives to know what makes each of them a shining example of Women of Faith.

Their personality, spirituality, and dedication is delightful to see. Each gave us insight and personal experiences from their life that illustrated the steps taken to be able to describe "Why I Believe." Laughter and tears, with their stories that inspired us - made this a wonderful ending to the Women's Conference. We love these sweet sisters!

Our dear President Sohm closed the meeting with a message of love for the sisters of the River Stake. His concern for us is evident at every occasion he speaks. President Sohm, President Wahlquist, and President Swenson were bustling around helping the entire evening. We hope they know how much we love them and appreciate their loyalty to the Relief Society. The support of the Priesthood makes serving in the Relief Society a blessing.

Enjoy the slideshow presented at the chapel meeting... Women of Faith (and friends)


  1. I had no idea our Stake had a blog! Thank you Anne for this wonderful site. I was so grateful to be able to relive a little of Women's Conference without all the nerves! I'm excited to try the rice recipe since I couldn't eat a bite of anything that night or I would have lost it at the pulpit!All of the committees did an amazing job to put together an unforgetable night. Thanks to all of you for your tireless service. Thank you for the opportunity to share our testimonies of the love we have for the Savior. I LOVE THE WOMEN OF OUR STAKE!!!

  2. Thanks for posting pictures etc of the Women's Conference, it was such a wonderful evening. I thought the idea of getting to know the women behind the Stake Presidency was brilliant! They all did such an amazing job. I especially loved the slide show, thanks for posting it. This is definitely a wonderful stake to be a part of:)