Friday, April 9, 2010

(Even) Women of Faith... need restrooms!

We aren't sure who designed our Stake Center - but bless (them?) - they only put in ONE set of restrooms! That was probably before they even imagined our stake being as large in number as it is presently.

Shari Gibbons (our Decorating chairperson) made sure the men's restroom had a little touch of femininity the night of the conference.

Women just have to leave their (beauty)mark on everything they touch - even if it's a restroom.

Complete with scented handsoap - all the sisters should have felt right at home in this transformed facility.  We learned from the best (those stalwart pioneer sisters that made their beautiful homes in a desert)

Barbara announced that (due to the large number in attendance) the sisters should take the time to "tour" the new Women of Faith Restroom.  If you didn't take that opportunity - here it is...

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