Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Planning Idea Sheets - PDF form from lds.org

To the Counselors over RS Meetings:
Here are just a few things I recently found on lds.org that may be of help as you plan your RS meetings...

* Design meetings that will strengthen your sisters in the most important ways.
* As the best source of ideas, trust that the Creator of the universe will help you create purposeful meetings.

The Relief Society President counsels regularly with the Bishop.
She helps meet the needs of the sisters.
Relief Society Leaders prayerfully counsel together about topics to be taught and how to teach them.

First ask, “What do the sisters need to help them increase in faith and personal righteousness, strengthen family and home, and provide relief to others?” Then ask, “What can we do to meet these needs?”

I found this PDF file on lds.org, and thought it might be of help in your planning meetings.  It can be easily copied from your computer.

You can find it HERE...

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