Friday, April 9, 2010

Many hands make light work...

From first concept, to the final result - Women's Conference was a joy!

Without the many willing hands & hearts, it just wouldn't have been the same.

Shari Gibbons & her sister Kitty Naccarato transformed the entire Stake Center into breath of fresh air.

Weeks and weeks of their hard work came together with the help of each committee.

From the foyers...

To the hallways...

Beautiful paintings (this one by Barbara Sweat's son)

Table displays...

And finally the beautiful buffets.

Leslie Heiden (7th Ward) created the vases of wispy white flowers.

Kathie Warner (10th Ward) located mirrors & other display items.

Megan Peterson (River Park Ward) created the blocks with the theme for the tables.

Tonya Steele (6th Ward) spent hours wrapping the silverware in blue, brown, and beige.

Shelly Boyce (1st Ward) and Allison Thomas (8th Ward) were our magnet gals - making sure all the photos adhered to the table decor.

So many Priesthood brethren were there, anxious to help and assist in any way.

Glen Breinholt - the High Councilman over the Relief Society - was our right hand man for weeks prior to the conference.  He rallied the help of the High Council to help with set-up, take-down, pouring RESERVOIRS of ice and water into glasses, sweeping & straightening, and the list goes ON and ON...  Glen facilitated a solution for the unique parking challenge by building a ramp at the last minute to access additional parking on the grass at the back of the Stake Center.  (The construction on 11400 South narrowed the entrances to the Stake Center, and eliminated all the parking on the road to the south of the building) Brother Sweat directed traffic and was very impressed with the ingenuity of the sisters in creating previously unchartered parking places, and the expert way we maneuvered large vehicles onto the grass at the back of the Stake Center!

David & Nicole Bennett (Jennie's family) offered to be extra kitchen help, and Tom Seal (Bev's husband) made sure we had everything else we needed to cover the tables with clean linens.

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